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Tiefschneefahrer Kitzbühel

Welcome to paradise for ski touring enthusiasts! BichlAlm in Kitzbühel offers an incomparable backdrop for unforgettable ski touring adventures. With a variety of tour options in the surrounding area, you'll find everything your ski touring heart desires.

The untouched snowscape, majestic peaks, and breathtaking descents make BichlAlm a true paradise for ski tourers. Whether you're an experienced tourer or looking to take your first steps in ski touring, you'll find the perfect tour to match your skills and desires.

From leisurely introductory tours to challenging summit ascents, the possibilities are endless. Ascend the peaks and be rewarded with spectacular views of the surrounding mountain world. Enjoy the tranquility of nature and feel the freedom as you carve your own tracks in the fresh powder snow.


Stuckkogel Tiefschnee

Welcome to the winter wonderland of BichlAlm! Snowshoeing is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the untouched winter landscape and experience nature in its purest form. BichlAlm in Kitzbühel offers a variety of snowshoeing adventures that will transport you to a world of silence, beauty, and adventure.

Immerse yourself in the deep snow and let the tranquility and serenity of the winter landscape enchant you. With the help of special snowshoes, you'll glide effortlessly over the snow and venture off the beaten path. Discover snowy forests, glistening snowfields, and the majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains.

freeride - paradise

Kitz Freeride

Welcome to the freeride paradise of Kitzbühel! Here, the ultimate adventure awaits all powder junkies and freeride enthusiasts. BichlAlm and the surrounding region offer a wealth of opportunities for unforgettable deep snow thrills and untouched descents.

The steep slopes, snow-covered peaks, and breathtaking mountain scenery make Kitzbühel a true haven for freeriders. Here, you can leave your tracks in the fresh powder, take jumps over natural kickers, and fully embrace the freedom of skiing off-piste.

Whether you're an experienced freerider or looking to take your first steps beyond the marked trails, Kitzbühel offers the perfect terrain for your skills and preferences. BichlAlm provides challenging descents, diverse routes, and countless opportunities to test and improve your freeriding abilities.



Biken in Kitzbühel

Experience the wonderful scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps in a whole new spectrum. Rent a mountain bike or an e-bike from the local sports shop and explore the mountain world of Kitzbühel.

The picturesque mountain trails and paths around Kitzbühel offer a variety of routes for all difficulty levels. Whether you're an experienced biker or just starting out, with an e-bike, you can conquer the challenges of the mountains while enjoying the breathtaking views of the majestic mountain landscape.


Wandern in Kitzbühel

Discover the incomparable beauty of BichlAlm while hiking! Our idyllic mountain landscape offers a variety of hiking trails for every taste and skill level. Whether you're looking for a relaxed stroll or a challenging summit hike, you'll find the perfect route here. Explore nature, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of BichlAlm.

Our hiking trails will lead you through picturesque alpine meadows, dense forests, and past countless postcard-worthy views. Enjoy the panoramic vistas of the surrounding peaks and let the tranquility and silence of nature inspire you. From leisurely family hikes to challenging mountain tours, we offer something for every hiking enthusiast.


Golf in Kitzbühel

Discover the ultimate golfing experience in Kitzbühel! As a renowned golf destination, Kitzbühel offers a unique combination of breathtaking nature, world-class golf courses, and a rich tradition in the sport of golf. Immerse yourself in the world of golf and experience unforgettable moments on our premier golf facilities.

With its stunning mountain backdrop and well-maintained fairways, Kitzbühel is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. Our golf courses feature challenging holes, exciting obstacles, and spectacular views that will make your game an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're an experienced golfer or a beginner, you'll find the perfect golf course for your game in Kitzbühel. Hone your skills at our driving range or take part in professional golf lessons to further improve your game.